Getting The Pep Back In My Son’s Step

Getting The Pep Back In My Son's Step - CozyPhones Children's Headphones

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The past few months have been a whirlwind for my family. My seven year old went from running circles around me to the inability to walk. For work I travel a lot. Luckily, I can take my family along. While in Las Vegas my son caught an ear infection. We didn’t think too much of it just got him into his doctor and he was prescribed the proper medication.

They do labs as a precaution, but again we already knew what was wrong.  So when I got an alarming call from his doctor saying his blood work was extremely bad and we needed to get him right in I was very worried. As most parents would, I wanted to find something to help take his mind off of his troubles and CozyPhones Headphones seemed like just the thing…. [read more]

Sizzling Outdoor Summer Essentials

Sizzling Outdoor Summer Essentials-The Grommet-Things Remembered Personalized Products

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Summertime is awesome because it means longer days and spending time pursuing outdoor pleasures. This year I’m strutting my stuff at the pool and the beach in style for sure with some nifty new items from The Grommet® and Things Remembered.

For some time now I’ve been looking for a new swimsuit coverup. I really liked my old one, it was navy blue, sleeveless, zipped up the front and had a hood and pockets that came in handy at the beach or pool for carrying lip gloss, a wide toothed comb, a little cash and my cell phone.

It’s important that my hands are still free to carry all the other stuff we take to the pool like a bag with towels, extra sunscreen and goggles, bottled water, a book to read, pool noodles or whatever other stuff is being brought with us…. [read more]

Mermaid Madness

EnchanTailsBeauty Brite Disclosure

If your kids are anything like mine, they are being swept up by the mermaid craze. Who doesn’t love the thought of being free to run and swim in the ocean all day and not have a care in the world? Growing up we had The Little Mermaid, and now your little ones can have EnchanTails.

What are EnchanTails? They are an adorable five piece mermaid tail slumber bag set that comes with your choice of sleeping bag (size 26″ x 83″). The set also includes an easy carry tote, decorative pillow, wall decals, and a great starter chapter book. The age recommendation for this product is three and up, and it is not for outdoor use.

We chose the beautiful Kelani Mermaid Deluxe 5-Piece Slumber Bag Set. Did you know the threads glow in the dark? The Greens and Oranges set each other off in such a lovely way. My daughter especially loves this set because her name starts with an E and she loves the fact that the pillow “is just for her” as she says…. [read more]

Celebrating Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day


How did July get here already? Seems like it was just Christmas. Time really does fly by faster every year. Just wanted to share a bit of the fun I’ve had preparing for the 4th of July. I’ve been picking up little things here and there for weeks as I’ve been in town shopping.

4th of July 2017

I always like to try to find certain things like 4th of July themed paper plates and napkins, red licorice, pinwheels, sparklers, Pop-Its, Hershey chocolate bars, and glow necklaces and bracelets for the kids. But, I also seek out new and interesting things. This year I found a few new treats to delight the kids…. [read more]

2 Personal Wellness Products To Help You Chill Out

2 Personal Wellness Products To Help You Chill Out-Culturelle Pro-Well Immune + Energy Supplement-Mind Fuel Nest - Inspirational Jewelry and Clothing-Peace Love Yoga Bracelet

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It’s not hard to get really caught up in the fast-paced life that we all seem to be living these days. Chilling out can seem like an unaffordable luxury when compared to all that we have to get done on any given day of the week. But, as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that relaxation isn’t something to relegate to the occasional stolen moment. It’s something we should all attempt to work into our everyday lives, even if we need to actually schedule it in our calendars.

Rest and relaxation doesn’t need to be a big production or take a lot of time to prepare for, either. Small changes to many areas of our daily routines can bring big benefits. Here’s how I’ve added two simple products from Culturelle® and Mind Fuel Nest to my daily routine to promote personal wellness on a small scale…. [read more]

gel♥︎Us much?

gel♥︎Us much? - ybf beauty gel-us eyes 5 pc. gel eyeliner collection

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I rarely wear eye makeup anymore. Not because I don’t want to. It’s just that when my kids were small it took more time than I could handle to do eyeshadow and eyeliner. It got to the point that I only took the time to do makeup that was that involved when I was going somewhere fancy.

My kids are now long grown old enough that they don’t need me 24/7 or crash my bathroom time on the regular, yet somehow I still haven’t gotten back into eye makeup. But, I’m trying and ybf beauty is helping with a new eyeliner collection that is really cool…. [read more]

You Deserve A Style Makeover

You Deserve A Style Makeover-Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Summer 2017 Collection

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I recall vividly the days when I had a jewelry box full of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Not expensive pieces, as a matter of fact I’d label the majority of them costume jewelry. But, they were cute and varied to reflect my many moods.

Once I had my first daughter, I quickly learned that these formerly beloved items became tools of torture that she would use against me as she learned hand-eye coordination. That kid grabbed for anything and everything within her reach and yanked it toward her little cherub body to leave no doubt that she was proclaiming the item was “hers.”

Over the years (which brought me two more babies) my jewelry box sat alone and neglected on my dresser the majority of the time. Some of the jewelry tarnished or I just got to the point that I didn’t love some of the pieces anymore. In any case, eventually most of my jewelry got lost, given away or stolen by my daughter for “dress up.”

Now that my kids are too old to care about such things, I’m slowly acquiring new jewelry pieces that reflect my style now. The newest additions are from the Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Summer 2017 Collection…. [read more]

Fashion Fun With Everyday Flare

 Fashion Fun With Everyday Flare - Nuu-Muu Everyday Active Wear Clothing

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With summer in full swing i’m always looking ways to keep myself cool while still looking great. I’m super self conscious and add in the fact that I’m halfway though my fourth pregnancy doesn’t help much when it comes to my need to feel comfortable. The Nuu-Muu dress line is allowing me to have some fun and fashionable options to feel good and look great!

Fashion, Dress

[read more]

Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Guy

Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Guy-Molton Brown's Tobacco Absolute Collection-Coby CMB-102-BLK Over The Ear Headphones with Built-In Microphone and Bluetooth Speaker

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Why is buying a gift for a guy so darn hard? I’ve been married for over twenty years now and for most gift-giving occasions that include my husband, I am stumped and have to wrack my brain for a gift idea. You’d think the longer and better you know someone that gift giving would get easier.

True, there are the go-to gifts that I will get him: a bag of Snickers, beef jerky, BBQ-related items, Star Wars stuff, University of Kentucky Wildcats fan merchandise, gift cards to restaurants or Best Buy. But, I can’t get him that stuff for every holiday! I quit buying him clothing long ago because he prefers to buy pants himself to make sure he gets the fit he wants, shirts I’ve bought him have hung in the closet unworn. I’m pretty much relegated to getting him new tshirts, underwear and socks at this point, and the occasional new bath robe or hoodie.

It’s not that he’s too picky, per se, or hard to please — it’s more that he has everything he wants and when something new comes out he often gets it for himself. This year, I found the perfect rocking chair at a local garden store and snatched it up for a Father’s Day gift for the hubby for this year. He’s been talking about getting one for several years but not done it yet. I had to hide it in my daughter’s closet so he wouldn’t stumble across it! I also got him some new BBQ tools and a few other little odds and ends (including some Bourbon infused beef jerky). He does love his bourbon!

This year I’m also adding in these two gems I found from COBY® and Molton Brown. The hubby is in the media business and can always use a good pair of bluetooth headphones. And, while not super crazy about it, he cares about his appearance so I thought some nice masculine-smelling bath and shower gel would be fun to stick in his gift bag for Father’s Day this year…. [read more]

Personal Wellness With A Side Of Cool, Please

Personal Wellness With A Side Of Cool, Please - MONQ Therapeutic Air Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser-SPA50CA 10,000 LUX* Full Spectrum Portable Energy Light by PureGuardian

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Personal wellness is increasingly becoming a hotter topic for many people. Clean eating, essential oils, products made with natural ingredients, decreasing your carbon footprint, eco-friendly manufacturing, solar power, green energy … it can get dizzying trying to keep up with all the newest topics for living healthier.

I like simple, easy. Some may call that lazy, but I think that if something that’s supposed to be healthy stresses me out that’s not worth the trade-off to me. Two simple products that are making a positive impact for me (without adding dreaded stress) are MONQ® Therapeutic Air® Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers and the Guardian Technologies Energy Light…. [read more]