Naturally Lighten Skin Imperfections

Naturally Lighten Skin Imperfections
Beauty Brite Disclosure

I have been blessed with freckles and spots on my skin. When the sun comes out they tend to start “connecting”, ha! I love to lessen the spots and even out my skin tone color whenever I can.  I recently discovered a lightweight oil that is helping to lighten age spots, freckles and evens out my skin tone!  It is all natural and gentle on my skin.

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Treat Yourself To Luxury Swiss Skin Care

Treat Yourself To Luxury Swiss Skin Care - Caviar Serum by Alpessance Skincare

Caviar Serum by Alpessance Skincare

Photo Credit: Alpessence Skincare


Beauty Brite DisclosureCaviar Serum by Alpessance Skincare is a premium anti-aging, moisturizing, brightening and firming product developed in Switzerland. Caviar Serum not only works great on its own, it can also boost the effectiveness of any nutrient skin care product that you apply afterward, as well.

When one thinks of caviar, it is usually as a luxury food enjoyed by the wealthy. Personally, caviar does not sound appetizing to me in the least in term of a food product. But, I was very intrigued to hear that caviar is a component in beauty products. I had not previously heard of any that contained this apparently rich nutrient…. [read more]