Enjoy The Last Few Months Of Camping

Enjoy The Last Few Months Of Camping - Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick, Sun Stick and Skin Stick


Summertime has seemed to just slip away once the temperatures finally got comfortable. We love to camp and decided to stretch out our camping season for as long as we can before the New York winter starts to take over for the next 6 months. Camping in the Fall does come with some more unpleasant guests, BUGS! Even though the weather is starting to cool off it is still extremely sunny and humid!… [read more]

All-Natural Skin Care For Problematic Skin

All-Natural Skin Care For Problematic Skin - Nubian Heritage Coconut And PapayaBeauty Brite Disclosure

I am in a near-constant struggle with my dry skin. It is most noticeable on my hands, which are regularly exposed to the harsh elements of the dry winter weather as well as household cleaners, among other common skin irritants.

Nubian Heritage offers a line of skincare products that target dry skin and inject a little bit of the tropics into your personal care routine, to boot. I am a beach bum, at heart, so I really love the Coconut and Papaya scents that are used in their dry/chapped skin care line…. [read more]