Summer Ready Beauty Essentials

Summer Ready Beauty Essentials
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It is almost summer time! Are you headed out of town? There are some schools that are already out for the summer. My son doesn’t get out of school until the second week of June! Since my husband is starting a new job near the end of June, he decided to take a week or so off so we can take a vacation! We are headed to Disney World! With that, I have been planning everything that we need to pack.

I like using natural beauty and cleaning products as well as eating healthy and organic as much as we can. I prefer to use homemade natural cleaning products because they are safer to use around my family. They also seem to last longer and have many cleaning uses! Using natural beauty products also prevents skin irritations. My son suffers from eczema, so I am very picky with the products I use on his skin.

Nature's Gate Sun Care Products

Since we are headed to the beautiful and sunny Florida, I wanted to be ready for the hot sun with sunscreen for our visits to the Disney Parks! Now that we have Nature’s Gate Face Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Sunscreen and Nature’s Gate Aqua Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen on hand, I feel confident in keeping our skin protected. I love that the bottles are small enough to keep in a backpack! Since we like to spend a few hours at the parks each day, I like to bring the sunscreen with us so we can reapply as needed.

My son dislikes when I apply sunscreen as it is. But using natural and vegan sunscreen is much more comfortable and safe for his skin.

Nature's Gate Sun Care in palm

I like that Nature’s Gate has a product just for the face.  Since I like to wear makeup, I don’t want a thick and heavy sunscreen under my lightweight makeup!  I am able to wear the Nature’s Gate Face Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Sunscreen under my makeup without any issues! First, I allow the sunscreen to absorb and then I apply my makeup.

Of course, I use the Nature’s Gate Aqua Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen for all over body protection. This is also perfect when our son wants to go in the pool, he is still protected from the sun!

I am rarely outside long enough to get a tan. My legs usually need the tanning. My arms get a lot of sun when we are at the Disney Parks. Now, I have help with Nature’s Gate Sunless Tanner. I have always been skeptical with sunless tanners. I am worried about orange stripes or the tanner getting all over my clothes or linens! I am using Nature’s Gate Sunless Tanner and it is so easy! It has the same consistency as lotion. Just squeeze out the desired amount into your palm and apply like lotion. Then wash your hands when you are done applying. You can use more than one layer if you would like to build on the color. Just allow the tanner to absorb into your skin before putting on clothes.

DS Laboratories Spectral.LASH and DS Laboratories Oligo.DX

My lashes are not as lush and gorgeous as I would like to them to be! Mascara helps add volume and thickness. I do take biotin to help with strong and beautiful nails, skin and hair. I am also looking for additional help with my lashes, which is why I am so thrilled to have DS Laboratories Spectral.LASH in my beauty bag! The product is super easy to use. One end contains the applicator and the other end is the button you push to “click” the product onto the applicator. The applicator is very small which is perfect for me because I have small eyes. I find myself using one or two clicks for both eyes. Many times I start by applying on my top lash line and then lightly apply on my lower lash line.

A few weeks ago, I started using makeup remover wipes and after about a week, I noticed that my lower lash line was suffering! I was using the wipes too hard on my lashes, thus making my lash line look even more sparse. Since I started using the DS Laboratories Spectral.LASH, my lashes are looking better!

I do workout several times a week. However, I still have cellulite! It can be so embarrassing. Since we are headed to Florida, I am trying to gear up with having to wear summer-friendly clothing. If I am going to be showing more skin, I want to improve the look of my skin! I started using the DS Laboratories Oligo.DX and it is so easy to apply. I use on my trouble areas! The product is just like applying lotion. It absorbs quickly and there is no annoying smell!

With warmer weather quickly approaching, be sure to update your beauty essentials! Every time the seasons change, it reminds me to go through my beauty stash! It is a great reminder to get rid of old products and start fresh!


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