Stylish Sunglasses for low nose bridges

Stylish Sunglasses for low nose bridges

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We have had what seems like the longest winter ever. Now that Spring is here, I am looking forward to seeing the sun shining! To protect my eyes, I like to wear sunglasses. This reminds me, my husband and son need new sunglasses! When I was offered the opportunity to try sunglasses specifically made for low nose bridges, I jumped at the chance! I received the Pacific Rim Eyewear Halo sunglasses!

About the product:

Halo is an-oh so chic style that inspires women to let go and enjoy the fun and finer things in life. Be your own light that surrounds you – be fabulous.

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We are all unique! Finally! A product tailored for my uniqueness!

Pacific Rim Eyewear offers sunglasses for those with lower nose bridges, higher cheek bones and wider temples. Before hearing about Pacific Rim Eye wear, I only knew of one brand that offered an Asian-friendly line of sunglasses. Of course, I could never justify spending so much on a pair of us glasses. It is hard to explain how difficult it is to find a product that doesn’t fit you correctly. It can make you feel different and inadequate.

I am so honored for the opportunity to own a pair of Pacific Rim Eyewear Halo sunglasses as I have never been able to find a pair that fit my face!

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I love my Pacific Rim Eyewear Halo shades! I love the design and color. The frames are much bigger than what I would normally choose but I am thankful that they will protect my eyes and the delicate skin around my eyes. They are bigger that my other sunglasses, so they take up more room in my crossbody bag.

As for the fit, Pacific Rim Eyewear Halo is amazing! They sit perfectly on my face and nose. Other pairs would always slip down my nose! The Halo frames are a little too wide for my face but I am willing to overlook that since they stay on my nose!

I hope to see more styles from Pacific Rim Eyewear! I would love to have a pair of aviators! Now that I have sunglasses that stay on my nose, I am more excited about sunny days!

You can choose the Pacific Rim Eyewear Halo or the Pacific Rim Eyewear Cali.


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  1. I love big glamorous sunglasses! I’ve been wearing my cat sunglasses lately.

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