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From baby bump to motherhood, we can be self-conscious about our stretch marks.  Whether you are a new mom with a newborn, weight gain or even weight loss, we want products that work.  We want beautiful skin and stretch our dreams into a reality.  We are quick to use the creams and the oils.  I admit, I use coconut oil, argan oil or even jojoba oil to help fade my stretch marks.

I have used the Salcura brand of products before and they were wonderful on my skin. They helped by removing and minimizing the appearance of my psoriasis outbreaks. Now I am ready to tackle the stubborn stretch marks that are on my waist and under my arms.

I started using the Salcura Rose Hip & Green Bean Stretch Mark Cream on my waistline.  It is best to use the cream after showering.  I apply the cream on my problem areas.  Then I use my favorite fragrance lotion on my body to help seal in moisture.  I use the cream twice a day for the first four weeks.  Following the four weeks, you only need to apply once a day.

Salcura stretch mark oil stretch mark cream

The second stretch mark product is the Salcura Gotu Kola & Wild Rose Stretch Mark Oil on my arms.  For the first two months, you are to use this oil twice a day on clean dry skin.  After that, use only once a day. The Salcura Gotu Kola & Wild Rose Stretch Mark Oil absorbs quickly into my skin and does not leave my skin oily at all. This is great because I hate my skin being oily.  I love the dropper, so I can control how much I want to use each time.

Since I started using both the Salcura Rose hip & Green Bean Stretch Mark Cream and Salcura Gotu Kola & Wild Rose Stretch Mark Oil daily, I am hoping to see my stretch marks fade away.

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