Do strangers say hello?

Do strangers say hello?

A few days ago, a fellow blogger and friend posted on her Facebook that 6 people said “Good Morning” on her walk to work that day. It made me realize that where I currently live, people will say hello or wave to you, regardless if they know you or not.

It all started on our second night here in North Carolina. We had just arrived to our destination the evening before and we were out to get groceries the next day. On our way to the store, a complete stranger waved to us as we drove by. Growing up in California and living in Nevada for a few years, it was a completely shock to us.

As days, months and years past, we realized how common it is around here for strangers to say hello or wave at you! So, how is it where you live? Do strangers say hello? Do strangers wave to you as you go by?

Every morning and evening, the security staff says Hello and Goodbye as we enter and exit the building. Honestly, I never gave this a second thought until my friend posted her status update on Facebook. The security staff saying hello and goodbye to me daily makes me feel like a million bucks! I appreciate that they take the time to acknowledge everyone who comes and goes through the front doors.

Do you wave to complete strangers? Do you say hello to people you walk by? Try it. It may just change how that person feels for the day!


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  1. Aww…that is wonderful you have that community where you live. I don’t usually get that many Hi’s on the way to work but that day was inspiring! It made my day.

  2. I wish it was like that here.
    Here, people will run you over and then cuss you out for being in their way.

    • When I went back to CA in 2010, I remember I waved to someone as we drove by. He looked so confused but waved back. I also went into TOGOs and as she gave me my change, I said “thank you, ma’am.” She was kind of taken aback but said “you’re welcome.”

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