Stephanie versus Needle and Thread

My son attends preschool at a nearby elementary school and his school requires a school uniform. I am rather thankful for the uniforms because it saves us a ton of money on clothes. Plus, it works for us because my son is very picky about clothes (and everything else). It’s difficult to get him to wear a lot of different clothes, maybe it’s because he has autism, I really don’t know. Anyway, one of his school shirts has a rip in the seam, it’s right under the collar, where the buttons are. I was originally going to just throw it away, but my son saw it in the wrong place (he likes to put things in the right place) and moved it to the laundry basket.

I am now thinking of attempting to sew it, however, the most I have ever sewn was a button and a sock. I never learned how to sew, nor did anyone teach me. Even when I was sewing the button and sock, I had no idea what I was doing. I don’t even own a needle and thread, I’ll have to borrow both from my mother-in-law.

I am not sure how to sew my son’s shirt, but as long as the rip looks fixed, it will work for me.


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  4. I started sewing buttons too but I came a long way (because maybe I started sewing in grade 5) Practice more! :)Happy thursday! I'm a new follower.~Gwen

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    Oh dear, Stephanie, I do hope you find a friend who can teach you some sewing basics. Or maybe pick up a book about such. You can learn the basics, I'm sure!

  8. Stephanie Schneider says:

    I hate sewing! I had sewing class in middle school and the teacher basically traumatized me when she stressed that if one pinned wrong and went over the pin with the sewing machine, either the pin or needle would break and, as if by magnetic force, go straight into the sewer’s eye. O.o Hand-sewing seems like such a pain, but so much safer, LOL. I hate sewing in ends when I crochet or tat, so I always try to stay far, far away from any project that requires sewing –no matter how much I want to do it! I am sure that you’ll do just fine. YouTube probably has at least a dozen good tutorial videos! I hope that you find one that works for you! Good luck!

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