Stay Cool And Dry No Matter How Active You Are

Stay Cool And Dry No Matter How Active You Are -- Chassis® Premium Powder

Formulated With Natural Ingredients to provide protection against heat and activity.

Hops: Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and can be used as a skin-conditioning agent
Pumpkin Seed: Promotes natural oil regeneration
Aloe Vera: Heals, soothes and rejuvenates while fighting off bad bacteria
Witch Hazel: Astringent helps to condition and protect skin, helps reduce irritation from minor abrasions
Oatmeal: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizer to help soothe and nourish skin

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Anyone who lives an active lifestyle will tell you that sometimes they suffer from chafing skin, chiefly in the area of their thighs but also in other areas like the underarms. Chafing can be caused by many activities — walking, running, working out, hiking, among many others. My son has been a trumpet player in the Marching Band at his high school for the last couple of years. Last summer I can clearly recall him mentioning that he was dealing with this issue on his thighs and where his underwear rubbed against his skin due to all of the marching that they do during summer band camp.

Chassis® Premium Powder is a great product, in my opinion, because it is geared specifically toward adults and marketed toward those with active lifestyles. I purchased a small bottle of some kind of baby talcum powder for my son last summer, but he was a little embarrassed to use it around his friends because, well, it’s a product marketed for babies. He loves Chassis® Premium Powder because it’s a manly product that he can use without feeling self-conscious.

Chassis® Premium Powder

For those who may have skin sensitivity issues, you will be glad to know that Chassis® Premium Powder is 100% talc-free. It is also free of parabens, aluminum, menthol and is formulated without any harsh chemicals. We don’t have skin sensitivity issues in our family, so for us that is not an issue.

This powder doesn’t only appeal to my son’s desire to be grown up, it really works in the way it says it will. It keeps him cool when he’s outdoors being active in the hot summer heat, and prevents that chafing issue for him around his thighs, underwear area and under his arms. Also, it has a very light scent that helps to prevent odor. This is important to him since he’s at that age where he is starting to care how girls think about him. It is formulated with hydro-shield technology which keeps the powder from combining with perspiration and wetness, keeping the product completely dry and true to its powder form for ultimate protection.

Learn everything you need to know about the Chassis® brand at their FAQ Page (like the fact that women can use the product as well as men!) and see what other items are available in their product line to complement the Premium Powder.


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  1. I love how you mentioned tearlier baby back talc because it’s so true that people will look at you weird especially in high school!! It will make our lil men feel better.

    • Yeah, kids are mean to each other sometimes, more so now than when I was in school. I’m glad to have something to help him that he thinks is cool.

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