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A small vegetable garden in May outside of Aus...

A small vegetable garden in May outside of Austin, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About 4 years ago, we were living with my in-laws.  In my opinion, we were there for much too long, but that’s another blog post!  My mother-in-law wanted to start a vegetable garden.  My husband had to dig about four feet deep bed for the garden.  It was a small space, but still took awhile to dig.

They bought nutrient rich soil to fill the bed too.  My mother-in-law grew organic vegetables.  She used marigolds to help keep bugs and insects at bay.

I helped her start the seeds and make sure they were watered.  It was amazing to watch them sprout and grow bigger each time we checked them.

Before this, I had never started anything by seed, let alone grow food.

Now that we live in apartments again, we are unable to have a vegetable garden.  I would love to try container gardening on the porch.

Green common beans on the plant.

Green common beans on the plant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seemed easy to grow spinach and green beans, which are some of my favorite vegetables.  The spinach and green beans grew so fast and abundant.  There were always plenty of spinach and green beans to pick.  However, the green beans had to be tied to keep them growing towards the sky.  Otherwise, I would love to grow both types of vegetables in a container on my porch!

Spinach in flower

Spinach in flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever grown your own food?  I will definitely have to look into apartment friendly gardening.  It would be nice to grow our own food.

I already love having houseplants around our home.  I find them calming and relaxing.  They are nice to look at and easy to care for.  I also like that they naturally clean our indoor air.

Do you have any houseplants?  What do you grow inside and outside?


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