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I love art.  I love framed art and pictures hanging on our walls.  For the first 9 years of my marriage, we never had framed art or pictures hanging on our walls.  It wasn’t until several months ago, that my husband finally got around to hanging up some of our framed pictures.  It all started with a framed art piece that his parents gave us for Christmas 2011.  Although, it took my husband about 5 to 6 months to finally hang it up for me.

I have been obsessed with alphabet framed art.  So much so that I am now making my own pieces!  Before I bought the supplies to make my own art, I found Spell-It-Out Photos!  I created a DREAM art piece with a Walt Disney quote below it.  My family and I love Disney and I thought the word DREAM will inspire to us every time we look at it.

As I was creating my quote plaque, I knew I wanted to use a Walt Disney quote to symbolize our family and the power of positive thinking.  My husband and I aim to think positively and live a positive life.  I showed my husband the finished product after I created it online and he loved it.  We were not sure where we wanted to hang it up.  My husband wanted it over his desk in the living room, but I wanted it over my desk.  After we saw the art piece in person, my husband came up with the idea of hanging it up right next to our door.  Now, we can look at it just before stepping out into the world.

I should mention that as soon as it arrived, I nearly tore apart the box just to get the quote plaque out so I could see how it turned out!  Based on the way the product was wrapped up, I could tell Spell-It-Out Photos takes great care in their products.  They are positive that it is securely wrapped and carefully placed in the shipping box.

I am so impressed with the quality of the product and the pictures are clear and crisp.  The colors are so bold and bright.  I had no idea my husband would love the art piece, I am so pleased that he loves it just as much as I do.  The quote plaque represents our family in so many ways.  It will remind us of a place we love to go and to continue to dream the impossible possible.

Spell-It-Out Photos can be found on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Athena Nagel says:

    I love photography and art (although I am sure you figured that out). For frames I go to the thrift stores on 50% off days and buy anything I can find that is relatively decent. I rip out the contents (unless of course I want to keep it as is), I then spray paint the frame to an appropriate color for the room and photo, and put it up. Sometimes I need a mat, sometimes I crop the photo.

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