SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill

SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill

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When I was asked to try SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill, I quickly accepted. I love perfume and I have a nice collection so far. Not only do I love the shape of the bottles, but I love the scents too. I received SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

A Romantic, elegant, radiant fruity floral fragrance. The scent opens with sparkling fruits like Georgia White Peach and Grapefruit, leading to a passionate heart of Everlasting Flower, Princess Rose and Lotus Flower. The fragrance dries down to a soft and intoxicating blend of cucumber, balanced with sensual sandalwood. The luminous fragrance is captured in a sophisticated, feminine bottle with accents of gold and pearl white. A captivating starbust incorporated in the bottle’s design complements the radiant gold carton’s subtle starbust accent.

When I received SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill last week and cannot get enough of it! I admit, before I received it, I checked out some of the online customer reviews. A lot of people said they loved the scent but it does not last very long and they usually had to reapply.

As for me, I love the scent. It is light, airy and very feminine. It smells very appealing and will pair with any outfit you are wearing. SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill is my new favorite scent, especially when I am feeling like I need a lighter scent to wear. I love wearing perfume during the week, but now I have a nice light scent to wear on the weekends when I really do not need to wear anything.

The bottle is very pretty. I love the shape and the overall design. The starbursts really add sophistication to the bottle and perfume. The light gold color of the bottle makes the starbursts stand out.

SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill is my go-to perfume for a quick refresh if I want to add a little scent. Soul2Soul is definitely office environment friendly as it is not overpowering or strong on the nose. I can easily pair the perfume with any outfit I am wearing for work.

You can find SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill on Amazon.

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