Skipped my workout

Last week, I started doing my favorite workout – Turbo Fire!  At first I jumped right in to the regular workout schedule but after the second day, I realized I need to start with the “Prep” schedule.  The Prep schedule is a stepping stone to the regular workout schedule.  The Prep starts you off at a slower rate but the workout intensity is still there, so you are still getting a great workout.

Yesterday, I did Tone 30 and last night I started to feel sore.  This morning I woke up even more sore from my waist down (I worked my legs).  This morning I debated whether or not to suffer through today’s workout or skip today.  I decided to skip, not to be lazy but I think my muscles need the time to rest.  I don’t want to make excuses, but I also want to be able to workout at full capacity.

I am also going to add protein shakes to my diet after my workouts.  Today I bought Kellog’s Special K Protein Shakes.  I will try different ones until I find one that I like and that works for me.


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