Simple ways to Clean your Makeup Tools

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Simple ways to Clean your Makeup Tools

Keeping my skin clean and clear of breakouts starts with clean tools. I make it a habit of keeping my makeup tools clean so it does not seem like a chore.

How often so you wash your makeup tools?

I aim for once a week. I usually wash them in the afternoon and allow them to dry overnight. Of course it all depends on your schedule on when you should wash your makeup tools.

The best way to get started is decide the best day to wash your brushes. Stick with that day and make the time to do it! The perfect time for me is after putting on my makeup for the day! That way, my brushes have plenty of time to dry before the next time I have to put makeup on.

I want to keep my makeup brushes clean so that they will allow me to apply my makeup flawlessly! My brushes are made with white and light brown hairs, so it is easy for me to see when they need to be cleaned.

Here is my eco-friendly and simple way to clean my brushes:

White Vinegar and makeup brushes beautybrite

1. White Vinegar with hot water

Use a splash of white vinegar and hot water. Swirl your tools around until thoroughly saturated. Rinse under warm water, squeeze excess water and lay flat to dry.

I lay my brushes on a towel on any flat surface and allow to air dry.

Other ways to clean your brushes:

2. Shampoo

You can use baby shampoo or regular shampoo. I just swirl my brushes in water and a little bit of shampoo, risne and air dry.

3. Brush cleaning spray

There are many products that offer brush cleaning solution or wipes.

It is completely up to you which methods you want to use!

I have used both shampoo and white vinegar and hot water methods. I love when I see how clean my brushes get as I wash and rinse them. All that buildup is removed from the brushes; the brushes that touch my face!

I love using the white vinegar and hot water method because I can also use the same method to clean my hair brushes!

You can buy white vinegar on Amazon.

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