Simple And Easy Winter Skin Moisturizer

Simple And Easy Winter Skin Moisturizer!width=

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I struggle with dry, itchy, scaly skin every winter. I always dread this time of year only because I spend so much time trying to stay moisturized and keeping myself from itching. Capri Clear Coconut Oil Spray has restored my faith in finding a product that actually works.

Capri Clear Coconut Oil Spray is 100% fractionated coconut oil.

When I first used this product my first thought was ” why doesn’t it smell like coconut?’ Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of fresh coconut, but when I wear other scents I feel that it mixes and stays on my body interfering with what I want to smell like.

The process of Fractionation is removing the fragrance and color from the coconut oil and only leaving behind the natural moisturizing benefits.

During the summer I use a regular lotion after my shower which takes a little time to absorb. I normally wear shorts in the summer so I don’t mind just going on about my business while my moisturizer dries.

In the winter I cant stand to lotion up and then have to put on pants while my lotion is still wet.

Capri Clear Coconut Oil Spray dries almost immediately, and does not leave behind any residue or greasy feeling. They actually have it quoted as “Touch-Free” on their box, and this makes perfect sense to me. Being able to spray it on, cuts my time in half when I get out of the shower. I no longer have to go sit down on my bench, wait for my lotion to come to the end of the bottle and the rub it on. Now I just spray Capri Clear wherever I need it and i’m done.

This product is very affordable and comes in different sizes. I personally like the 1.9 oz bottle. It fits nicely in my top drawer and is always ready to be thrown in my bad if needed.

Simple And Easy Winter Skin Moisturizer!


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  1. What are all the other ingredients (in addition to coconut oil)?

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