Sick with the Flu

Sick family in bed

Has your family gotten sick this year?  My husband and I rarely get sick and when we do, it really hits us!

My son has been sick for almost a week now.  I didn’t realize it was as bad as it is last week.  He first got sick on Wednesday or so, but we didn’t know it at the time and I sent him to school.  It turns out, we ended up keeping him home on Thursday.  Friday, he seemed okay so I sent him to school.  He looked worse when he got off the bus. His eyes had dark circles underneath.  He looked so tired and worn out.

Over the weekend it got worse and then I started developing symptoms.  It started with a tickle in my throat.  By the next morning, I had a sore throat and feeling sore and achy all over.  There were times when my skin felt tingly or electricity was running through my body.  I was also coughing like crazy.  I looked up my symptoms online as to whether I had a cold or the flu.  Let me preface this by saying we do not have health insurance and we are not the type of family to run to the doctor every time we have a sniffle or cough.  I looked up my symptoms on WebMD and I am pretty sure I have the flu.  I also found more information on FluFacts and

Last week, I had no idea my son was feeling this bad and now I am sick and feeling the same symptoms he is.

My husband is also not feeling well.  I am unsure if he has the flu considering he had to get the flu shot for work.  But he is coughing and has a sore throat.

So far this week, I have kept our son home on Monday and today (Tuesday).  There was another kid (who rides my son’s bus) who was sick for a whole week.  I hope my son feels better by the end of this week.

If you or your family caught the flu, I feel for you and I hope you feel better!  Now, I am off to get some rest.


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