When I was asked to review my experience at Sheetz, I quickly signed up. My family and I love going to Sheetz. I rarely get to go, but my husband goes at least 3 times a week. I received coupons and other goodies from Sheetz to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Sheetz offers a Made-To-Order technology. All you have to do is walk up to the touch screen terminals and place your order. You choose what you want to eat or drink! It is easy and quick to use. The touch technology and pictures is perfect to use with our son who has special needs. We use pictures with him to see what he wants to eat. It helps us communicate with him and vice versa.

Sheetz swag

I received several coupons, a beautiful coffee mug, t-shirt and car magnet! I love the coffee mug, it is oversized and it has the Sheetz logo on it. I love using it to drink my hot tea or chai tea! I usually have hot tea in the evening or any time of day, so I really love having it.

The t-shirt is too big for me, so I am using it to wear for pajamas. I prefer to wear t-shirts to bed.

Since we love Sheetz so much, we put the car magnet on our bumper! We are glad it is a magnet and not a sticker, as we do not like stickers on our car.

We are so thrilled to receive the coupons to use. My husband literally goes to Sheetz several times a week. Now he can try different items from the menu!

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