Shea Hydration Lotion

Shea Hydration Lotion inside

When I was asked to review shea butter, I quickly accepted. Shea Butter is so much fun to use and so moisturizing on my skin. I have used shea butter on my skin as well as on my son’s sensitive skin. I received Shea Hydration Lotion in Peppermint Vanilla scent to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

In this exquisite lotion, we combine our natural, Wildcrafted Raw Shea Butter, with an abundance of soothing organic oils and plant extracts. The result is a warming, therapeutic moisturizer that delivers unparalleled beauty benefits. Enjoy smoothing it all over your skin and feeling absolutely gorgeous.

When I received the Shea Hydration Lotion, I was amazed at the size of the container. I wasn’t expecting such a huge container to try! I received a 36 oz Amber Container! When I opened it up, I quickly smelled the lovely mix of peppermint vanilla blend! I love both of those scents and it smells so good! The scent is strong but not overpowering or bothersome.

Shea Hydration Lotion

I use shea hydration lotion on my dry skin and it keeps my skin looking and feeling soft. I also use the lotion on my son’s skin right after his bath. He has dry and sensitive skin. Sometimes he has eczema breakouts and the shea butter is gentle and non-irritating on his skin.

I have the occasional dry patches on my face, so I also use the shea lotion on my face to added protection. For the first time, my face felt soft and smooth where the dry patches were the night before. The lotion is thick but absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling protected without feeling greasy.

This past weekend, I decided to treat myself to a deep conditioning. I have read that I can use shea butter in my hair and scalp to help with flakes and dryness. Even though I received shea lotion, I used it in my scalp and hair. I left it on for 30 full minutes before taking a shower. My hair now feels softer and looks shinier! My hair also has a faint peppermint vanilla scent mixed in.

You can find the Shea Hydration Lotion on the Shea Butter  website.

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