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I am thoroughly enjoying my job.  I am only in the second week of my new position.  The first week was very difficult for me.  I missed my family and felt guilty for being away from home all day.  I have been a stay at home mom off and on for over 7 years.  Thankfully, I have the support from my husband.  He is helping out at home and doing various chores around the house.  He has really stepped up to help.

During the first week, I really missed my son during the day.  I also felt guilty for not being home with him.  It was my husband that reminded me that my working is helping our family.  He reassured me that my working works perfectly with his work schedule and with his plans on going to law school.  My job will help our family overall.  Knowing that I am contributing and helping even more so, makes me feel like a better mother and wife.  After his reassurance, I no longer feel guilty.  I do still miss my son and husband during the day.

Before I started working, I was starting to get bored at home.  Being at work and feeling productive during the day, really helps my whole outlook.  I have a job that I love and have wanted for a long time.  I am currently on probation at work and once I pass that, I will feel more confident and secure in my position.

The first week of work was exhausting.  I was readjusting to a new schedule.  I am still working on managing my time between family, work, blog and personal time.  It is very difficult to find time for anything in the evening.  I do want to spend an hour or two on my blog in the evening.

During my first weekend off, I took one full day to relax and recharge.  My second day off was spent buying food and other things we needed to stock up on.  We are set for at least a year on various toiletries and other household goods.

My husband and I would love to get a membership to a warehouse store.  It is so much easier to buy in bulk for household goods.  That way we have plenty on hand.  Do you have a membership to a warehouse store?


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  1. ashabutterflys says:

    I am so happy that you are getting used to your 9-5 job, I know it is a big difference from being at home for so long and then going back to work. I have a warehouse membership to Sams club and love it. I use it mostly use it to get bulk items that we use a lot. Like Cheese, Iced Tea, OIl and a few other things. I also get Josiah’s medications at Sam’s club as well since it is cheaper. If you ever need to talk call or text me.

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