Save on workout apparel

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Save on workout apparel

Where can I find affordable and comfortable workout apparel?  I always wonder that when I watch my favorite TV shows and they have the cutest outfit to wear just to workout.  I love buying fashionable clothing to exercise in.  If I feel good in my clothes, it will motivate me to do my workout routines.

The problem I face with buying new clothing is the ability to find coupons to save on workout apparel.  I love wearing yoga clothes because they allow me to move and be comfortable.  My workouts mix between pilates, yoga, cardio and strength training.  I need clothing that will work for all of my workouts.

I love shopping online.  There are so many benefits to online shopping, however, I am unaware of how to find discount codes or coupon codes to use at my favorite online stores.

One of my favorite online retailers is Kohl’s.  They seem to figure out the savings for their customers.  No need to search endlessly online for coupon codes just to save.  They always have so many sales and specials going on.  The Kohl’s cash is a great incentive too.  I love that I can find tops, bottoms and shoes on one website.  While shopping at one site, I can also shop for my husband and son and earn more rewards to use for future purchases.  When I find consistent rewards, discounts and incentives just by shopping at online retailers, I will always return.  Online shopping works for my family because our son has Autism.  It is nearly impossible to bring him to a store to shop, which is why online shopping works so well.

This past Black Friday, I did our shopping online and I was able to find clothing and shoes and get the same prices at the store.  I was finished with my shopping within a few hours.  Not only that, I was able to shop while my husband was at work and my son was here at home with me.  I happen to wake up early that morning and was done shopping before 5 AM.

I am always looking to save money or find incentives to shopping with my favorite online retailers.  How do you save?  What are you favorite coupon sites?  How do you find your deals?


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  1. Thanks for this review on workout clothes. I forget about Kohl’s having them and about shopping on-line there!! A great store I love and the closest one to me is an hour away.

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