Save Money At The Grocery Store By Making Things At Home

Save Money At The Grocery Store By Making Things At Home - Northern BrewerBeauty Brite Disclosure Do you dread going to the grocery store every week? We hate it! It is just my husband and I but it can get so expensive! We are always looking for ways to save with coupons, rebates and any other way that we can. Nothing drives us more crazy than buying fresh items just to toss them and watch our hard earned money go in the trash because we did not have time to use the items like we had planned.

A great way to save money is to grow what you can and make what you can in the comfort of your own home. Not only do you save on gas running to the grocery store for last minute items, but you also know exactly what is in the products and that they have not been sprayed with chemicals.

We love fresh ingredients and Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply has some amazing products to offer so that you can have fresh ingredients growing in your home. Basil is something that we use a lot. We use it in the winter for soups and I use it in the summer on my tomato sandwiches.


To be able to easily grow some in my home and pull it right off of the stem when I need it is amazing to me. It’s fresh, I know it has not been sprayed with chemicals, and it’s so nice to be able to use it when I want to instead of buying it and watching it go bad. My seeds sprouted within days and I am so excited to take that first bite of something home grown.


They also offer kits that grow mushrooms and tomatoes. We all know how expensive mushrooms can be and how quick they can go bad. This alone has allowed us to explore in our cooking and not spend any extra money on things we would toss.

Do you like cheese? I love cheese and to be able to attempt to make it myself has been a great experience. They have a Creamery In A Box® Essential Cheesemaking Starter Kit that allows you to make artisan cheeses at home. I will admit this is not my area of expertise and I was a little overwhelmed with attempting it, but I think someone that has experience in making cheese would do great with this kit.


The kit comes with everything that you need to make the cheese except for the milk. I will let you know now that it makes a lot of cheese so be ready to share or have cheese for days! I think this is something I should let my husband handle in the future considering he is the one always in the kitchen!

Are you ready to save money and have some plants that you can benefit from? It’s a great time of the year to try some of their products!


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  1. I really do not have time to do this.Easier to buy it.

  2. How cool are these kits? Awesome to be able to make these for yourself

  3. Jennifer Smith says:

    A kit makes gardening easy. Can’t wait to try

  4. Darcy L Koch says:

    I too end up throwing a lot of food out because it doesn’t get used. Sometimes the only choice is more than what you really need.

  5. Kambrea says:

    I have been wanting to try making cheese, especially mozzarella Everything just keeps getting more and more $$ at the store and you get less.

  6. kristamiller5425 says:

    I’d love to try cheesemaking.

  7. mary loveland says:

    I like to buy it already done because I do not always have time to do it myself.

  8. tat2gurlzrock says:

    Cheesemaking sounds like fun! These are super cool kits.

  9. denise low says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have never made my own cheese before.

  10. Anita Duvall says:

    I am def. going to try the Creamery in a Box. Would love to try this at home.

  11. I wouldn’t mind getting the tomato kit, we love fresh tomatoes.

  12. I’d love to make my own cheese or grow mushrooms! I’ve thought of gifting a cheese making gift for years.

  13. I too hate shopping and yes, so very incredibly expensive. It’s a fantastic kit, love it and never heard of it.

  14. Lisa Brown says:

    I would definitely try growing my own basil.

  15. April Bentley says:

    I am for sure going to try this!

  16. gloria patterson says:

    sounds interesting… I got one of those planters with grow light and it really was worth the price. I have had fresh basil for the last 2 months. i just pick off what I need and it is so nice

  17. These are some pretty awesome kits. I would love to try the Creamery In A Box® Essential Cheesemaking Starter Kit.

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