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Hertz Car Rental

Hi everyone.  This is a letter I sent to Hertz Car Rental.  I wanted to share this on my blog. 

Do you have any positive customer service experiences to share?  I always try to take the time to contact the company to let them know their employees are doing a great job.  I have worked in customer service, so every positive comment makes my day!  If I have a negative experience, I also take the time to write an email or letter to the company to let them know.

Have you ever written a positive customer service letter to the company?  Please note: I am not publishing the employee’s last name (here on my blog) as it is not my place.  

Dear Hertz,

We thought you should know about an exemplary employee you have working for you by the name of Jasen H. (Greensboro Airport).  He went ABOVE and BEYOND to help my husband.  We originally had a reservation at the “We’ll pick you up” people and they ended up rejecting us as a customer because we were going to pay with a debit card.

Thankfully, over the horizon, was Hertz!  My husband walked up to the counter explained the fiasco that happened at Enterprise.  Jasen matched our reservation from Enterprise and gave us a better rate.  He really turned the start of our vacation around.

A huge thank you to Jasen and to Hertz.  We still can’t believe Enterprise turned down a $900-$1000 sale from us!

Disclosure: I did not receive any financial compensation for this post, nor was I asked to post this.  I did not receive free products/services for this review.  This review was paid for by my husband and I.  I am posting this review to share my experience. 


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  1. Great to see that there are still people out there who take the time to give thanks when it’s warranted Stephanie. Unfortunately, most of the reviews that I see are incredibly negative. People will search out a place to complain. For those that do drop by to leave positive feedback or to thank a staff member by name, I make an extra effort to share the review via social media and make sure that the company sees it and (hopefully) passes on the gratitude to the staff at the rental location. David – Founder of Rental Car Reviews


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