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Resqme Tool

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When my husband and I were pregnant with our son, we heard all the “horror stories” from our co-workers. Of course, they scared us a bit into trying to be aware of our son and making sure he was where he was supposed to be, especially as an infant. Now that he’s older, we still have to keep an eye on him. We literally cannot let go of his hand when we are out in public. Even at home, we keep the door locked, the alarm on and the screen door locked. When I was asked to review Resqme, I quickly agreed. We received samples to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

In the event of an emergency and possible vehicle entrapment, the resqme tool holds a sharp blade to cut a jammed seatbelt and a spring-loaded spike to shatter the car window.

resqme tool is the perfect companion for your safety on the road for drivers, passengers and first responders.

The resqme tool helped 16 people in the world in 2014 to get out of their vehicles without any damage.

We received two Resqme tools, I wanted both my husband and I to have one on our keychains. When I told him about the Reqme tool, he said he had been thinking about getting something similar. I was also worried about finding a tool to use in an emergency.

When the Resqme tools arrived, I showed my husband and we went over the instructions and attached them to our keychains. He also wants to get a tool to keep in the car on the visor.

Here is an awesome video of how the tool works:

Since the tool is meant to be used in an emergency, we have not had to use the tool. I feel safer having the Resqme tool on my keychain. It goes with me anywhere I go. The Reqme tool can cut seatbelts and break windows and I really do not want to use either way for a review.

One of my fears as a parent is trying to get out of a car if we were in an accident. I always worry about getting out of a seatbelt. Now my husband and I have the tool to do just that.

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