Renuzit Simply Refreshed Collection

Renuzit Simply Refreshed Collection

I love clean smelling air. I have houseplants in our living room to help clean our indoor air. I also love using scented products to help add a little sweetness to the air. I have used Renuzit in the past because they are small cones that do not scent with spray. I prefer not to use spray scents because they are filled with chemicals and may be harmful to our air. Renuzit uses a solid form in a cone that I can easily hide in a bookcase or behind the television. When I was asked to review for Renuzit, I quickly accepted. I received samples of Renuzit Simply Refreshed Collection to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Renuzit Adjustable Cone

I received four Renuzit adjustable cones to review. I received Simply Vanilla, Tahitian Breeze, After the Rain and Hawaiian Oasis. Since I received a wide variety of cones to try, I decided to take a cone to work to sit on my desk. I wanted to be able to smell a nice scent at my desk. I brought Tahitian Breeze to work. I have it in the corner of my desk behind a picture frame or behind my computer monitor. Either way, nobody sees it, nor does it bother anyone. I can smell it throughout the day. It is not overpowering or bothersome to those around me. I love the subtle scent at work. It is nice to smell something at work besides nothing. Tahitian Breeze smells exotic, fresh and tropical. I love the sweet scent mixed in.

I have tried After the Rain before and still enjoy it. I have a cone in our living room. It smells very light and fresh. It helps add scent to the room that is most used in our home. Again, the scent is not overpowering. I can easily smell it throughout the day.

I cannot wait to try Simply Vanilla and Hawaiian Oasis. Vanilla is my favorite scent. I may use a cone in our closet to help freshen that space.

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    I love these products, they make my house smell wonderful!!

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