Remembering Zane Review

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Remembering Zane Review

Remembering Zane
By J.S. Wilsoncroft

About the book:

At ten years old, Bonnie Reese knew the minute she laid eyes on Zane Withers, that he would forever have a place in her heart. After years of dating, then finally going their separate ways, Bonnie always dreamed that eventually they would get back together.

But those dreams were shattered as so was her heart, when she got the devastating news that her beloved Zane had been killed. As she faced her worse nightmare of going to his funeral, Bonnie runs into Zane’s best friend Jonathan Wood. Little did she know, Jonathan has had deep feelings for her since the 7th grade. Now that his best friend is gone, will Jonathan have the guts to tell her that he’s loved her since high school? Or will he keep his secret to himself forever?

My Review:

After I read the synopsis for Remembering Zane, I knew I wanted to read it.  I love romance and stories of finding love.

I read Remembering Zane in about an hour!  While this was a quick read, I loved the storyline.  Bonnie learns that her high school boyfriend and first love, Zane was killed in a car accident.  When she attends Zane’s funeral she reconnects with Jonathan.  Jonathan was Zane’s best friend.  Bonnie and Jonathan bond over the loss of Zane.  Jonathan also rediscovers his love for Bonnie.

In Remembering Zane, Bonnie learns about herself as well as an unknown love from an unlikely source.  To discover, her ex-boyfriend’s best friend had a crush on her and never revealed his feelings, was a surprise to say the least.

Jonathan is hesitant to reveal his feelings to Bonnie.  Bonnie is still recovering from Zane’s death.  She and Jonathan allow each other to share their memories of Zane and their friendship together.  Spending time with each other allows for their feelings to overflow to the surface.


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