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English: First 4 digits of a credit card

English: First 4 digits of a credit card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am working on rebuilding my credit.  When I was younger, I had excellent credit.  Even into the early years of my marriage.  It started to go downhill when I started listening to my husband as to what to purchase with my credit cards.  Unfortunately, he and I have very different views of credit cards.  These days, he seems to understand how credit cards work and is on his way to excellent credit.

A few weeks ago, I decided to reapply for a credit card through our credit union.  I had previously applied for a credit card earlier this year and was denied because I did not have my own account with the credit union.  Now that I have my own job and regular income coming in, I decided to apply for a credit card again.  I was disappointed and surprised that I was denied!  Since I was not happy with that decision, I applied for credit cards with other companies.  I found Capital One and I was able to fill out a short form to see if I would “pre-qualify” for a credit card.  Capital One approved me for a credit card with a much smaller limit than I had about 10 years ago, but I am happy with it.

I will be working on rebuilding my credit with my new credit card!  I am very excited!  I finally had the opportunity to use my new card tonight!  I bought new clothes for work!  I am slowly building my work wardrobe.

I plan on using my credit card for purchases here and there.  I am mainly looking to use my credit card for online purchases and then pay off the balance.  Once my credit rating improves, I hope to qualify for other credit cards with higher credit limits.


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