I put Mom on Facebook

I finally put my mom on Facebook. My mom was against joining Facebook because she thought there were scammers and such out there. Facebook is where I share my family pictures, my thoughts, etc. It was getting tiresome to have to email her our pictures.

Last night, I just decided to put her on Facebook. I created a separate email account and signed up for Facebook under her name. I misspelled her name just in case she did not want to be found. I added her as a friend and then sent her the login info. Lo and behold, she logged in!

I am sure Facebook is very overwhelming for her right now, but it is nice to have her on there. I also suggested a few of the family members for her to become friends with, so she is connected with family only so far.

Now, if she wants to see my pictures, she can see them on Facebook any time she wants. She will also be able to see my status updates.

Do you have a parent who is against joining Facebook?

I am really excited that she has embraced Facebook and took the time to login. I think she is enjoying the fact that she can check out our family members and read their status updates on their pages. In a way, it is like peeking into someone’s thoughts!

I know I am addicted to Facebook, how about you? Could you go 24 hours without Facebook?


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  1. lyromero77 says:

    We set up both my parents with individual accounts. My parents are able to see their grand kids pics and communicate with my brothers and sisters in Mexico. They love it!

    • beautybrite says:

      That’s good! My mother in law recently joined Facebook too.

      My mom seems to like Facebook. She can “look in” on the family when she wants.

  2. Raye Wiedner says:

    I joined so I could see my kid’s accounts too. My youngest was just out on her own for the first time. She had to help me set up the account though LOL.
    It was so confusing at first, but now, I absolutely cannot go a full day without checking in. Your mom is going to love it!

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