Pump Up your Lash Volume

Pump Up your Lash Volume

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I have been using RevitaLash Advanced and the RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara for about two weeks. I have noticed a difference in my lashes from using the RevitaLash Advanced eyelash conditioner in that short amount of time.

I will admit I was a little nervous when I first received the RevitaLash Advanced wondering how complicated it was going to be to apply, and how hard it would be to try to remember to apply it everyday. It is now a part of my daily routine and is very easy to use. This product can be used in the morning or at night, I like to apply all of my creams and extra products at night so they can soak in without makeup or anything getting in the way. But if you like to apply in the mornings that is an option as well. You can also apply it morning and night to give you faster results.

Before RevitaLash

Be sure to use the RevitaLash Advanced on dry clean eyelids. The applicator is very easy to apply and has anti microbial benefits. Being that the 3.5 ml tube can last 6 months, this reassured me as far as being sanitary for that long. After the product dries you can’t even tell it is on there, and there is no visual difference.

After RevitaLash

Using the RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara with the RevitaLash Advanced has really made a difference! I love that the mascara brush does not cause clumping and it stays on all day without drying out and flaking onto my under eye area. The RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara comes in two colors, Raven and Espresso. I like the Raven because I have brown eyes and the dark rich shiny black color really makes my eyes pop!

A portion of all proceeds from these products benefit breast cancer research initiatives, so you can feel good about your purchase while looking good all at the same time!


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  1. The lashes look fuller. Great it worked for you. Thanks for the review of revitalash advanced

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