Pump up the Volume with EIMI by Wella

Pump up the Volume with EIMI by Wella

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After just recently getting my hair cut, I was in the market to try some new products to style it! I was overly excited to be able to try the new EIMI haircare collection from Wella, available at Beauty Brands.

Wella has been around a long time and is a very trusted name for haircare professionals. I can remember Wella professionals being used when I went to cosmetology classes in college. I received 4 Wella styling products from the new line EIMI. I can tell you they all work amazing and have gave me the motivation I needed to get up in the mornings and want to style my hair.

I am obsessed with dry shampoos, so being able to try the Wella EIMI Dry me Dry Shampoo put me one more closer to my goal of trying all the ones there are available. I loved this one especially! Some of the ones I have tried will leave my hair feeling so dry and almost sticky. Dry me dry shampoo comes out in a nice light aerosol spray and it didn’t make my hair look like I had just sprinkled baby powder all in. It dries very quickly, and extended my style into the next day.

EIMI haircare collection from Wella

Wella EIMI Root Shoot precise root mouse was so much easier to use than traditional mouses. The shape of the dispenser allows you to distribute it directly to your roots instead of putting it in your hands and trying to get to your roots only. Root Shoot has a low to medium hold so you don’t have to worry about your hair being stiff or hard. My hair had volume but was still very touchable.

My favorite out of the 4 has to be the Wella EIMI Sugar lift sugar spray. I love the versatility of this hair boosting miracle in a bottle. I can spray it on my hair when it is wet and blow dry it out for a nice lift. Or I can spray it in while my hair is dry and brush it through for a nice quick uplift. The way that I have actually been using it, is putting it in my hair after the shower and slowing letting it air dry while scrunching it, giving it a nice curly wave as you can see in the picture below.

EIMI haircare collection from Wella beautybrite

Wella EIMI Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion is nice, because it does not weigh my hair down like beauty balm lotions have in the past. I use this as frizz control, especially on days when its raining and the frizz gets the best of me! I can now wear my hair down without worrying about flyaway’s and uncontrollable frizz! This bottle also has a nice dispenser that makes it easy to control how much you get out at one time. I included a picture of each product and how they are dispensed so you can see how easy it is. I highly recommend giving these a try, you will not be disappointed.


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