Prince & 3rdEyeGirl in Concert! Hit & Run Concert Series Kick Off

PPrince & 3rdEyeGirl in Concert! Hit & Run Concert Series Kick Off

Prince & 3rdEyeGirl in Concert! Hit & Run Concert Series Kick Off– March 14, 2015 (The Palace Theatre, Louisville, KY)

My husband & I were fortunate enough to score tickets to see Prince and 3rdEyeGirl in concert recently. We attended the 8 PM show on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at the Louisville Palace Theatre in Louisville, KY, the kick-off to the Hit & Run U.S. Concert Tour. Why little old Louisville, KY one might ask, to kick off this awesomeness? Well, Louisville is the hometown of 3rdEyeGirl drummer, Hannah Welton. Lucky us!!!

I love Prince. It’s a given. But my husband is a die-hard F-A-N. You better believe he was all over this news when it was announced and he was determined to get tickets. And, as usual, he delivered in a big way. No back row or balcony seats for us. He was able (somehow) to get us really good seats. We were in Orchestra Section 3, Row M, seats 3 & 4. Refer to center pic below where it says HERE in blue.

Prince Concert March 2015-2       Louisville Palace Theatre Seating-PicMonkey   Prince Concert March 2015-1

Prince was, like, maybe 65 feet from us. Maybe a little farther. I’m guessing here, don’t hold me to it. But it was closer than I thought I’d ever get to Prince in my lifetime. Freakin’ awe-some!!!

It was originally supposed to be just the one show at 8 PM Saturday, March 14th. But, they added an 11 PM show that evening & two more shows the next night due to demand.

Set: Let’s Go Crazy, Take Me With U, U Got the Look, Funknroll, Controversy, 1999, Little Red Corvette, Nothing Compares 2 U, Kiss, When Doves Cry, Clouds, Sign O The Times, The Ex’s Face, How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore, Hot Thing, Housequake, Darling Nikki, I Would Die 4 U

Encore: Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough, Cool, Plectrum Electrum, Purple Rain

       Prince Concert March 2015-7                   Prince Concert March 2015-8 Prince Concert March 2015-12

Also, 3rdEyeGirl drummer, Hannah Welton treated the audience to a pretty damn cool solo drum set. How cool must that have been for her to get to play to her hometown — with Prince. I think the girl’s pretty much made it. I mean, what can she do now that’ll ever top touring with rock royalty? Really? Suggestions? I found this pic (below) on Prince &3rdEyeBlind FB Page so I could show you the band. I’m not claiming this as my own, you can find it on their Facebook page here. I was not close enough to the stage to get really good pics of the band.


The only thing that even kinda-sorta put a damper on my night? This chick in the row in front of me. Several inches taller and every time I moved one way to see better, she swayed that way too. And she talked too much. Not that I could really hear her over the awesome music, but enough that I just wanted to tell her to shut the heck up and enjoy the show already!!!

Prince Concert March 2015-3

Forgive my sucky photos. I took them on my phone. We weren’t supposed to take photos or video, but you know everyone there did. I got spotted taking video by security who told me to stop. The guy right in front of me was doing the same thing and didn’t get called out on it. But, whatever, I still got a few video clips to remember the show by.

You can check out some other photos from this awesome weekend of shows on the Prince And the 3rdeyegirl FB Page here & here. And YouTuber, The Purple Underground, attended the March 14th 11 PM show. You can see his video review of the event here. I would post my little video clips, but honestly I’m not sure how to do it. And I don’t want to get sued. Don’t know if that’s possible, but I don’t really want to chance it, ya know?

Definitely a night I’ll remember forever, with or without my unauthorized photos and video. I wanted to get a tshirt after the show, but there was a throng of people there (kinda crazy!) and we were starving!!! So, we decided not to wait around in line. We, along with another couple we’d attended the concert with, went to a small local dive and chowed down while reminiscing (already) about the awesomeness of the night, exchanged stories about the early days of our marriages and, I’m sure I remember the guys deciding to resurrect the foosball table from the basement of my husband’s business and making a guy’s night of it sometime soon.

If you ever get the chance to see Prince in concert, take it! It was magical. He was really great and enthusiastic. He engaged the crowd and then rocked all his greatest music, just for us! Highly recommended once in a lifetime bucket list addition for anyone who loves music.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. No compensation was received in any form from any source. My husband and I are Prince fans and paid out of our own pockets for tickets to attend this show. All opinions are 100% my own. I just wanted to share my experience with Beauty Brite blog followers. :0)


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