Precious Succulents

Precious Succulents

The succulents you see above are very precious to me. Why, you ask? The succulents above are cuttings I received from my parents. When I visited my parents in August, they had a few succulents in the backyard and I knew I had to take some cuttings home with me.

I have never been successful with succulents because they always end up dying on me. I am pretty sure I water them too much. With my regular houseplants, I water at least once a week. I am pretty successful with most houseplants.

As soon as I got home from visiting my parents, I quickly potted up my succulents. I did not have enough pots, so I arranged my plants in the pots so that they all fit. They seem to be doing well, considering I am growing them indoors. My parents had their plants outside.

I am watching my watering schedule too. Since the pots allow watering from below, I am using that method. This way, the plants can gather the water as they need it.

I live very far away from my parents, so my succulents are very precious to me. I hope that they thrive in their new environment indoors. It has been about a month and so far they are adapting pretty well.

When I went to visit my parents, I also brought them a handful of cuttings from my own collection! I brought them a cutting from my jade plant and in turn, they had a different variety of jade, so now we both have different varieties.


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