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Power of a Flower

About Power of a Flower:

The Power of a Flower line uses essential oils and herbs chosen specifically for their ability to stimulate skin circulation, improve elasticity, tone skin and combat wrinkle and scar formation.  Also included in the line are organic oats, nuts, butter and clays; that when combined with nature, will support, nurture and repair the skin throughout its many wonderful life cycles.

The natural skin care products range from facial cleansers, scrubs, clay masks, and massage oil candles that include specific herbs and essential oils that are known for their healing/ regenerating power.

My Review:

I love natural products.  I use earth friendly products to clean as well as make my own laundry soap.  My preferred makeup I use and love is natural mineral makeup.  I also love natural skin care products.  I was immediately drawn to Power of a Flower product line for their natural ingredients.  I was sent Herbal Facial Steam, Healing hand balm, Refreshing Toner, Regeneration Oil and Rejuvenating Moisturizer.

With the products I was sent, I have treated myself to at home mommy spa moments.  I do not have the time or the ability to go to a spa, so I treat myself to mini moments to myself.  I like to pamper myself, it gives me a chance to take care of myself every once in a while.

The Herbal Facial Steam is a great product!  I have never treated myself to a facial steam, but it’s a great way to open my pores.  The herbs smell great too.  The healing balm is very moisturizing on my hands.  With the cold weather, combined with washing my hands several times a day leaves my hands feeling dry and cracked.

dry hand

The healing hand balm instantly protects my hands.

healing hand balm

I use the Refreshing Toner right after I cleanse my face and it helps clean my face.  Since the first ingredient is organic apple cider, I know that it is helping to prevent acne.  I use the Repair Oil next.  It helps to heal and repair scars.  I use it on my face and neck and the product helps to protect my skin.  The Rejuvenating Moisturizer smells so good.  You can just smell nature and essential oils as you apply it to your skin.  The moisturizer is very thick and absorbs quickly.  The moisturizer can be used morning and evening; however, I love to use the moisturizer at night to pamper my skin in the evening.

Power of a Flower


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