Portable and Foldable Technology

Portable and Foldable Technology

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My family and I love our technology. My husband and I both have our smartphones and computers. Our son uses our computers and has his own gaming systems he plays. We also love to travel. Even as a blogger, I take my laptop when we travel.

Now, I have the option to take my newest technology. If I am limited on space, I can now pack light and take my foldable keyboard and portable stand.

When I was unpacking both products, my husband was impressed! He immediately saw how we can both use them when we are out of town.

The foldable keyboard comes in handy as both my husband and I can use it with our smartphones or any device with bluetooth. We can also use the portable stand when we need to type something up but don’t want to try to type it on our phones.

Both the foldable keyboard and portable stand are easy to set up and get to work quickly! It easy to connect to bluetooth too.

Foldable Keyboard

There are times when my husband needs to type up an email on his work phone. Now, he can use the foldable keyboard to type his emails. He can also set up his smartphone on the portable stand to make it easier to look at the screen when he types.

Work on the go

As a blogger, I also have the option to set up my workspace at any table with the foldable keyboard and portable stand and type up emails, write posts and more!

Even better, both the keyboard and stand are slim and compact and take up very little room. I can carry them in my handbag, tote bag, backpack or carry on. There are times when my husband and I don’t plan our trips. We just decide to go out of town. Now I can grab both items quickly when we are on the go!

You can buy the foldable keyboard and portable stand on Amazon.


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