Perfecting Concealer

Perfecting Concealer

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When I received the invite to try Perfecting Concealer that is made of natural ingredients, I quickly accepted. I prefer mineral makeup. Just about all of my makeup is made of mineral makeup. I don’t like other types of makeup because of the chemicals and unknown ingredients. I received Perfecting Concealer to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

When it comes to choosing makeup online, I always have a hard time choosing the right shade. I asked the company for help and they kindly suggested I get the Golden Cream because I have yellow undertones. I am so glad I asked because I would have chosen a different color. There is nothing worse having to try a makeup product that doesn’t even match my skin tone.

Usually, when I try a new product, I wait until the weekend. I want to be sure I have read the instructions and really get familiar with how to use the products. I used the Perfecting Concealer for the first time today before work. I had a few spots that I wanted to use the concealer on. Of course, I was worried I would look like a clown and the shade would be too light or too dark!

I have never really used a separate product for concealing imperfections before. So, I had some fears as to how it would look. I have always used my mineral makeup foundation as a concealer and then apply my foundation. The Perfecting Concealer comes in a handy container with a lip gloss wand applicator making the product easy to use. I used a very tiny dab under each eye and gently blended it in with my finger. I was surprised at how well it concealed my dark circles. I then applied the concealer on some scars and redness from blemishes. The concealer blended in so well that I could barely tell I used anything.

The Perfecting Concealer is lightweight and easy to blend in. I was able to apply it with no issues and it only took a few seconds of my time.

You can find Advanced Mineral Makeup Perfect Concealer on Amazon.


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