Do your parents know what a selfie is?

When I went back home a few weeks ago for my brother’s funeral, it gave me a chance to reconnect with my parents. My parents also had the chance to see Kyle for the first time in 7 ½ years. It was really nice to see my parents and my extended family. It really made me miss my family altogether. It has pushed me to want to move back home again. I miss my home state of California.

While my son and I were there, I learned that my parents know what a selfie is. I am surprised by this. While they do have cell phones, they do not have smartphones. They still have the flip phones. They do not text, nor do they take pictures with their phones. They just use it to make and receive phone calls.

I was playing with my phone when my Dad asked me if I was going to take a selfie. I laughed a little and said yes. I was so surprised he knew what it meant; it was also funny to hear him say the word.

I love taking selfies. I also love taking selfies with my son. Whenever my son sees me hold the phone to take a picture, he makes a cute face or he smiles. Sometimes, he will put his arm around my neck and squeezes me closer to him. He loves seeing himself on the screen. There are times when he takes my phone just so he can play with the camera or turn on one of my radio apps to play music. He is really sneaky when he takes my phone because he runs away, so I have no idea my phone is gone until I go looking for it.

Do your parents know what a selfie is? In an effort to educate my parents even more, I explained to my mom what “photobomb” means.


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