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Are you a parent? As a parent, my husband and I have learned that parenting never takes a break. As a parent, I have been spit up on, peed on, poo on my hands, etc. By now, I am used to anything and everything from my son.

Yesterday, on our way home from work, our son threw up in the car! My husband pulled into the nearest parking lot and we got out and cleaned him up as best we could. Thankfully we were less than 10 minutes away from home. Our son took it all in stride while my husband and I smelled and felt sticky. As you can imagine, we could not wait to get home.

While I gave our son a bath and started the wash, my husband took care of the car. He found a car wash place to clean the car out as best he could.

This morning, we realized the car would need to be cleaned professionally because it still stinks. In all in, our car will be thoroughly cleaned and it certainly needs to be. He has an appointment on Thursday morning.

I am happy that we will have a very clean car again. We recently had to get our windshield replaced.

Do you have any funny, silly or stressful parenting stories to share? How do you deal with things that go wrong? My husband and I handle situations like this together. We work together to fix the situation. We each take to our own tasks to help each other.


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