Parallel Lives Review

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Parallel Lives
By Lori Lucero

About the book:

If Jen can’t get back to her usual self, she’ll end up having to do everything all over again. Jen is a thirty-seven-year-old middle-school teacher in 2012. Overweight, underpaid, in debt, and with a bitter divorce pending, Jen wants to start over.

Then Jen is hit by a car. When she awakens, she is a thirteen-year-old kid with her same parents and siblings, but it is still 2012. Initially Jen resists accepting her new reality, insisting that she is thirty-seven years old. However, faced with the possibility of confinement to a mental health ward, she is forced to play along.

Jen struggles to understand her situation. She jumps on every possible source of information until she stumbles upon some discussions in theoretical physics regarding parallel universes. Could this be what happened to her? She contacts a quantum physics professor, who tells her he can help her go “home”, thus leaving her with a major decision. Should she stay and relive the pain of adolescence, but have the chance to make better life choices? Or should she return to her highly flawed but familiar life?

My Review:

I was asked by the author, Lori Lucero, to read and review Parallel Lives. Since it was free on Amazon, I purchased it through the website.

I read Parallel Lives in one weekend. Jen is a 37 year old middle school teacher who is unhappy with her life. She is going through a divorce after a few years of marriage. Overall she is miserable with how her life turned out thus far. After being hit by a car, she wakes up as a thirteen year old. She lives in the present (2012), except she is thirteen. She attends the middle school where she taught in her other life. There are many similarities to the new universe in regards to her former universe. The people are the same but their ages are different from her other universe. Her best friend, Amy is a teacher at the school. Her co-workers are also still there as teachers.

Jen is forced to adapt to her unfamiliar, yet familiar settings. She ends up befriending her former students in her new universe and meets new friends in the process.

The whole idea behind Parallel Lives is so fascinating. It reminds me of a television show I used to watch when it was on the air called Awake. It was about a family involved in a car accident. The husband and father appears to exist in two universes. In one universe, his wife survives the car crash and his son did not. In the second universe, his son survives and his wife did not.

Along the way, Jen meets two people who actually listen to her experience and understands. She realizes they can help her possibly return home to her 37 year old life.

Parallel Lives makes you think about starting over. What would you change about the path you have chosen? Would you make different decisions?

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