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Hi everyone. Don’t you just hate when you have a bad customer service experience and you feel the need to share it with your friends and family?  Here is what happened to me today.  I hope YOU are having a better Sunday!  

Dear Papa John’s,

We have gone to Papa John’s for our pizza before and today was no exception.  We called our local Papa John’s #1688, located in North Carolina and wanted to order 2 large pizzas from Michael or Matthew who claimed to be the manager/General Manager.

Our order was as follows:

One thick crust meat pizza

One thin crust veggie pizza, light on the cheese, but extra veggies

When I requested “extra veggies,” Michael/Matthew informed me that he couldn’t do that.  I told him that we had done this before with no issues and I then requested to talk to the manager and he countered with, “I am the manager.”  He then attempted to explain to me that he cannot charge us for more than 8 toppings.  I explained that we aren’t asking for MORE [than 8] toppings, we just wanted EXTRA toppings (i.e. extra olives than you normally put on a pizza, etc.).  He was going on about not being able to add more toppings because the pizza wouldn’t cook properly.  When I told him that we’ve done this before with no issues, he said, “they aren’t supposed to.”  As a customer, I really don’t need to hear your excuses.  I would prefer to hear, “Of course we can do that for you!”  If you have to, lie to me and say that YOU CAN!

I am disappointed to be treated this way by your company as I believe our request was reasonable.  For the last 2 years, we have gone ONLY to Papa John’s for our pizza without a problem.  Why now?

The following review was based on my own personal experience with our local franchise.  The opinions provided are my own and not influenced by anyone else.  I like to share my experiences with good and bad customer service. 

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  1. Have you called the manager that's over him?

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  6. Hi,

    I wonder how long has he been manager? You should try another Papa John place to see if the same thing will happen.

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    I participated in an event this weekend as a vendor and I was positioned across from the Papa Johns tent and they had one delivery at 9am of two carriers of slices… they were serving the same slices at 11am.. then around 1130, they got another delivery of slices and sold those thruout the day. No warmers, no fridge, just sitting out, all day… ICK! If this is the process they follow in restaurants for food safety, I want no part of it.

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