My pants are getting tighter

I have noticed that my pants are getting tighter. This past weekend, I started doing a cardio program that I was crazy about a few years ago. After doing that program over and over again for about a year, I needed a changed and moved on to another program. Since then, I have done several other programs and want to start doing cardio again.

Turbo Jam is the first cardio program that I started a few years ago. I love it! This past weekend, I decided to pull it out of the closet and start doing it. I am trying to work my way up from Turbo Jam to other more intense cardio programs. In the meantime, I plan on mixing up my workout program with pilates and yoga.

I eventually want to work my way from Turbo Jam to Turbo Fire. I was doing Turbo Fire for over a year as well and loved it. I also want to work in Les Mills Combat again. I loved doing mixed martial arts. All of my workout programs have great music and the instructors are very upbeat.

I know I seem to have big goals for myself, but I plan to take it slow. I don’t want to overwork myself. I want to stay motivated to get fit. The nutrition and food part of being healthy is my most difficult obstacle. I work all day, so it is easy to snack throughout the day. I may start taking protein drinks to work with me and have those on my breaks or even for lunch. I do bring protein bars to work for my afternoon snack.

For now, I only belong to one group on Facebook for motivation, friendship and ideas to stay fit and get healthy. It helps to see others with the same goals as myself. How do you stay motivated?


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