Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Dry Shampoo

Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Dry Shampoo

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When I was asked to try Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Dry Shampoo, I originally did not pay attention to it. I tried a dry shampoo product before and it was a disaster. After reading the description of the product, I was surprised and excited to learn that the Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Dry Shampoo is specifically made for brown/black hair shades. In addition to the Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Dry Shampoo, I received a variety of products to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

This light, refreshing spray cleanses, volumizes and deodorizes your locks in seconds.

The key ingredient, Tapioca Starch, leaves your hair looking and feeling clean with no hassle at all. Also containing a “Botanical Scalp Complex” with a blend of Nettle Extract, Sage and Hyssop, the product works to soothe and nourish the scalp to produce fuller, healthier-looking hair. Its soft brown tint is ideal for a range of brown/black hair shades and eliminates that powdery residue that other dry shampoo products might leave behind.

I love Palmer’s products. I asked to receive a few more hair care products in addition to the Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Dry Shampoo. I received: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Protein PackPalmer’s Coconut Dry Oil Mist and Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Dry Oil Mist.

I am so thrilled that someone came up with the idea to offer dry shampoo for dark hair! I have tried another brand of dry shampoo and the white powder stuff made my hair look grey and sticky. It was a disaster. The Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Dry Shampoo is the complete opposite! I really like using it because it blends in with my hair. I really cannot see it at all. Plus it adds a nice scent to my hair.

The first products I started using were the Dry Oil Mist products. I use the Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Dry Oil Mist after my shower. I like to air dry my hair, so I spray the oil on and then work it through my hair. The oil is very light weight on my hair and does not leave an oily residue. I do not spray too much oil on my scalp because too much oil makes me look greasy.

I think use the Palmer’s Coconut Dry Oil Mist in the morning as I am getting ready. It helps tame my hair and keep it soft and smooth. I love both oils in the morning and evening. My hair is so soft and full of shine. My hair is very long and it has been over a year since I have had my hair cut, so any products that help keep my hair manageable makes my life easier. Ever since I started using the Dry Oil Mists, my hair looks healthy and my split ends are less noticeable.

I am so thrilled to try the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Protein Pack! It offers a deep conditioning for the hair. I decided to try the Protein Coconut Oil Pack yesterday. I like to pamper myself on the weekends. My at-home spa moments allow me to treat myself to something nice every once in awhile. I really did not follow the directions for the protein pack because they wanted me to shampoo my hair and then apply the deep conditioner and leave on my hair for 20 minutes. Instead, I splashed water throughout my hair and then applied the deep conditioner. I left it on my hair for 20 minutes and then I jumped in the shower to shampoo and condition my hair. Afterwards, my hair felt so soft and very easy to comb through. My hair was also left smelling like coconuts!

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