Palmer’s Olive Oil and Coconut Oil Formula

Palmer’s Olive Oil and Coconut Oil Formula

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With the warm weather finally here, I am so excited to review products from Palmer’s Olive Oil and Coconut Oil Formula hair care lines. I received a variety of products from both lines to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

I received Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner, Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Dry Oil Mist, Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Co-Wash, Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk and Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep-Conditioning Protein Pack.

I love the Palmer’s brand. When I think of their products, I always think of their cocoa butter because that is the only product I used on my body when I was pregnant with my son and even after having him. I do have to say that Palmer’s cocoa butter really helped keep my skin moisturized and protected and help prevent stretch marks.

With the weather changing, my hair needs a deep conditioning. I like to switch up my hair care products every so often. I do not always buy the same brand or the same type of products.

I have been using the Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Co-Wash and Replenishing Hair Milk for the last week and have noticed a difference in my hair. My hair feels lighter and has more bounce and volume. My hair is easier to brush through. The hair milk is so much fun to use as it is does not leave my hair greasy! I love it. The co-wash is very different as I have never used a product like it before and I just love it. I have heard of people who no longer use shampoo and just use conditioner to wash and cleanser their hair and that’s it. The co-wash is very gentle on my hair and leaves my hair so clean!

I love the leave-in conditioner and dry oil mist. I can use either product on wet or dry hair. It is a great way to detangle my hair when I need something quick. Sometimes, when I am getting ready for work, I need a quick solution and I can just use a few sprays of each product to help detangle my hair and leave my hair looking healthy and shining.

I am saving the deep conditioning protein pack to use on my days off. I am really looking forward to a deep conditioning for my hair. My hair and scalp need conditioning!


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