Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

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When I received the product pitch for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula products, I jumped at the opportunity!  I received Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula products to review!


As reported on EntertainmentWise, Wills has been “buttering up” his pregnant princess with cocoa butter and vitamin E every night before bed to ensure she’s moisturized, soothed and stretch-mark free.

Treat your future-mommy readers to the “royal treatment” a la Kate Middleton with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula.  The deeply nourishing, vitamin-rich formula helps improve overall skin tone, suppleness and appearance, not only for mom, but for dad too (Prince William attributes his soft handshake to his nightly pregnancy pampering routine)!

Stretch marks are inevitable whether from changes in the body, weight loss, or pregnancy.  I first started noticing stretch marks after I turned 19 or so.  I started using cocoa button my body at the first sign of stretch marks.

When I was pregnant with my son, I immediately thought of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter to use on my body.  I wanted to prevent stretch marks as much as I could.  During my pregnancy, I always had cocoa butter on hand and applied to my body twice a day.  I applied all over my body, not just my tummy.  Cocoa butter helped tremendously with preventing stretch marks.

I received Skin Therapy Oil, Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E lotion, Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E (to smooth on marks and scars), Night Renewal Cream and Eventone BB Cream.   When I received the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula products, I quickly read through the pamphlets to learn how I should use the products.  Palmer’s recommends applying their products in layers.  They suggested starting with Skin Therapy Oil, Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E lotion, and Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E (to smooth on marks and scars).  I also applied the Night Renewal Cream on just before bed.  In other words, I used the cream over my regular moisturizer.  I have not tried the Eventone BB Cream, only because I know it is too light for my skin!

I noticed a huge difference the next day!  My skin is so incredibly smooth and even looking.  My stretch marks are slowly fading and looking less noticeable.  I love using the full line of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter products.  My skin feels protected and moisturized.  I was very surprised with how quickly and easily the Skin Therapy Oil is to apply and absorb into my skin.  No greasy mess or greasy feeling, the oil soaks into my skin with no residue leftover.  The lotion then glides on easily all over my skin.  Since the oil is absorbed, the lotion is easier to apply and goes on smooth.  I use the Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E directly on any scars and stretch marks for concentrated coverage.  I also love using the Night Renewal Cream.  It does not irritate my skin.  It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized in the morning.

My face has a beautiful glow.  My skin tone looks even and feels soft.  When I think of cocoa butter, the Palmer’s brand is the only brand I think of.

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  1. Victoria H says:

    I have used Palmer’s in the past and I think they are a great brand.

  2. Staci Luker says:

    I’ve used this with all three pregnancies! love it!

  3. Sharon Fitzgerald says:

    Very cool! I have never used this and need something to try and get rid of my stretch marks. Thanks! 🙂

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