New Year’s Resolutions 2015

New Year’s Resolutions 2015

Hello 2015! I cannot believe we are here. Today is my 12th Wedding Anniversary! One dozen years! Our son’s 9th Birthday is in 2 days.

As for New Year’s Resolutions, I really have not thought of any specific goals I have for myself. I have been feeling a little depressed for various reasons. I am trying to stay positive. Thankfully, my family and my blog keep me going.

Last year, I decided to get organized and put all of our bills and important paperwork in folders. I am still using that simple filing system. My filing system helps me keep our things in one spot. I can find what I need quickly.

My husband will be starting his second year of law school soon. I have also realized that I would like to work in the marketing, public relations or social media industry. I found an online college that is affordable. My biggest issue with college was the loans. I do not want to be in debt after graduation.

I found a college that offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. I am seriously considering returning to college. I just do not know if I can really juggle working full time, family, blogging, etc.

As for fitness, I have been feeling very unmotivated lately. My vertigo comes and goes and really scares me when I do cardio. I am sticking with yoga or pilates.

I hope to work harder on my blog. I want to upgrade and get a DSLR camera to take better pictures for my blog. I am also hoping to post more lifestyle posts. I need to aim to balance my review and giveaway posts with personal posts. I want this blog to be well rounded. I hope to also add more writers to the blog. I like having different voices writing on this blog so it covers a different outlook. If you are interested in writing on this blog, please email me!  I would love to see your writing samples!


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  1. Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday to your son! I totally understand not wanting to be in debt with student loans. I returned to work to help pay for my son’s college, so he doesn’t have to be in debt. I also want to balance my blog with giveaways and personal posts. Good luck to you with your goals!

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