A new TV for the bedroom

A new TV for the bedroom

A few nights ago, my husband bought a television for our bedroom. He bought it on a whim. He had a stressful day with watching our son. He needed to get out of the house, since I was home from work.

When he left, I had no idea what he was going to do. All he said was that he was going to buy something. He just needed to get out of the house for a bit. He needed some quiet time.
He came home after a few hours with a new flat screen television. It is a 32 inch from Samsung. Samsung happens to be my favorite brand. I already have a few products from Samsung, including our washer and dryer and my smartphone too! So far, I am impressed with the Samsung brand.

He brought the big box into our bedroom and we all congregated in the bedroom to watch him put it together. I helped clear our dresser surface to make room for our new TV. The screen is the perfect size for our bedroom. The colors are so bold, crisp and clear. It is a smartTV, so we can download apps, access the internet on our TV and watch Youtube. So far, we have a handful of apps, but we have only used Netflix.

I am excited as it has been years since we’ve had more than one TV in the house. Our son loves the TV too. He woke up this morning around 1:30am to turn the television on. I turned on Netflix and he found his shows he wanted to watch. After a few hours, he fell back asleep. He seems to like to have the TV on.

On the other hand, I am a little surprised he has the money to buy a TV. I pay all of our shared bills. It would be nice if he helped pay some of the bills. He does pay his cell phone, credit card and any car maintenance fees.


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