New car versus our car

Toyota Camry LE

Toyota Camry LE (Photo credit: Stradablog)

My husband and I have had our car since we started dating. Our car is over ten years old. Today, my supervisor took me to lunch in her car and I am amazed. With our car being so old, I realize that we are missing out on so many features and comfort!

As I was getting ready to go to lunch, my supervisor asked where I was going and she suggested we go out. We ended up eating at a quick sit down restaurant that I have never been to before. It was quick service and pretty good food.

My supervisor’s car is a 2013 Toyota Camry, which happens to be my husband’s favorite car. She has a navigation system built in. Her cell phone is programmed with the car so when the phone rings, she can answer it with a push of a button on her steering wheel. The seating is very roomy and so comfortable. Her trunk is huge too. She has a gorgeous car. The car is family friendly too. She has leather seats which is perfect when you have kids since leather seats are easy to clean.

Hopefully, one day we can upgrade our car. Our car is falling apart and we would love to have a newer car. I do know that our next car will have leather seats!

What type of car do you have? Have you seen the newest features in the newest car models? I am truly amazed at all of the bells and whistles.


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