Need to quit cold turkey

My husband and I have decided that we need to quit!  Cold turkey!  I have addictions, but they usually the healthy kind.  I am addicted to houseplants.  I love having green plants growing in my living space.  Plus, houseplants clean the air we breathe.  I am also addicted to working out.  Right now, I am doing yoga!

We realized our addiction yesterday afternoon.  I think that if we quit together, it will help motivate each of us.  I do want to quit.  This addiction affects our wallets and our waistlines!

We are going to try to quit our daily coffee treat.  We love McDonald’s Chocolate Chip Frappes.

Instead of our daily coffee treat, I will enjoy a cup of green tea instead!  Green tea is a great alternative.  It’s cheap and great for my health.  My husband isn’t really much of a tea drinker.  He may choose to drink water or make coffee at home.  Either way, we are going to work on not going to McDonald’s for the treats.

Good mornig,guys! Why don't you drink with me?

Green Tea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do want to add that we already drink a lot of water.  We do not buy soda.  We do drink juice on occasion and keep it around for our son.  However, we prefer to drink water.

Do you have any unhealthy addictions?  What about healthy addictions?  Are they affecting your health, wallet or waistline?

I hope to find more healthy addictions!  I will focus on my health again.  I want to feel energetic and not exhausted like I have been lately.  I hate being dependent on an unhealthy drink just to get through the day.

I am ready for a change!  Are you?  Want to join me in getting healthy or changing a bad habit?  We can do this together!  When I have find others working towards a similar goal as I am, it helps to motivate me!


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  1. Maria Iemma says:

    I love my coffee and drinking it keeps me sane. I do not want to quit my habit because then I will just pick up another one and knowing me it would not be a healthy one. Kudos to you in your health journey

  2. Ashley Weber says:

    I wish I was addicted to working out! Lol! I drink my coffee drink every day! =/

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