National Coloring Day: Creative and Fun Gifts for Children

National Coloring Day Creative and Fun Gifts For Children

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I love the extra time I get to spend with my son during the summer. We always have a blast outside playing baseball, riding bikes, blowing bubbles, and inventing new games to play. He’s got lots of energy to burn and loves being active.

However, I also try to make sure we are keeping him cognitively challenged while he is out of school. We usually do an art project each day, work on his handwriting, practice counting, and we’ve started working on reading together. Sometimes, he gets frustrated easily if he doesn’t get it right on the first try. To decrease his aggravation, I’m always on the hunt for products that will keep him engaged and make learning fun!

National Coloring Day Creative and Fun Gifts For Children

I See Me has been a great resource; their personalized books have made reading so much fun for my son! His face lit up when he saw his name on the cover of his book; he couldn’t wait to turn the pages and read about an adventure with him in the starring role! I See Me has a vast selection of stories based on your child’s interests: Princesses, Pirates, Dragons, Astronauts, and lots more!

National Coloring Day: Creative and Fun Gifts for Children

I loved the farm theme because of my family’s rural Missouri roots. My son also loves visiting the local farm near where we live and really enjoys seeing all of the animals. I knew it would be a theme that he’d love.

National Coloring Day: Creative and Fun Gifts for Children

We received the personalized coloring book that he loves taking to his grandparent’s house when he sleeps over. He loves to color with grandpa as they act silly, giggling and mimicking the sounds of the different farm animals together. I See Me products can help facilitate wonderful opportunities for discussion, play, learning, and bonding with children.

National Coloring Day: Creative and Fun Gifts for Children

Finally, we also received some wonderful personalized stickers! In virtually no time, my son started decorating his new lunch box, backpack, and pencil box with the stickers. He was so proud to see his name on everything!

He takes great pride in the products he’s received from I See Me. They’ve made him feel incredibly special; they also encourage his growth and development both creatively and intellectually. After all, children learn most effectively through play and when they’re having fun!

Educents is a great resource if you’re looking to keep little minds active this summer. I think they’ve got terrific products that will also get your children back on track before the school year starts back up.

Educents Coloring Books do a good job of making learning fun and educational! For my son, learning doesn’t feel like a chore when the pictures and words are engaging. He is so proud when he finishes writing each sentence; he proudly reads it aloud to my husband and me. I also think it would be a nice idea to take these coloring books to a restaurant; it would be an entertaining distraction for your kids while you wait for your meal!

Here are two available for download:

A to Z Animals Coloring Book – Alphabet Coloring Book –

Alphabet Coloring Book –

National Coloring Day: Creative and Fun Gifts for Children

When I received the Debbie Lynn Doodle Works Panda Coloring Poster, I knew this was something my whole family would have fun doing together! The poster came with a lovely set of Debbie Lynn Fineline Markers, complete with every color you’d ever need to create a beautiful and creative masterpiece!

National Coloring Day: Creative and Fun Gifts for Children

Originally, I had planned to color the poster with my husband and son, but I was a little under the weather this week. However, I did have a blast watching as my guys had some father and son time getting creative and creating some artwork together. I’m not sure who had more fun- my son or my husband! The Debbie Lynn Doodle Works Coloring Poster and Fineline Markers are a great idea for rainy days inside or something fun and creative for the whole family to do indoors as colder months start approaching!

National Coloring Day: Creative and Fun Gifts for Children

National Coloring Day is August 2nd – Coloring Books Make A Great Gift!


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  1. Those are great products! Personalized books are always fun. I’ve never seen a personalized coloring book before – I like it. Personalized stickers are great for putting on your back to school things. Great review!

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