Nail Polish Remover Solutions

Nail Polish Remover Solutions

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Nail polish is so much fun to wear. I can dress up my nails with different colors as often as I want. I can match my polish to my mood or my outfit! When I was approached to try Cutex products, I agreed to try them! I receives a variety of Cutex products to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

I received the following products:

Cutex Advanced Revival
Cutex Regular
Cutex Spa Formula
Cutex Twister
Cutex Advanced Renewal Pads

While I love wearing nail polish, it can be a pain when I need to remove it and my nail polish remover does not do the job. Or it is time consuming to remove my nail polish.

Why, you ask?

Beauty Brite blue and glitter

Nail polish offers glitter, gel and other formulas that look so pretty but can be a pain to remove. I dislike spending so much time and money on trying different products that don’t work.

My love for nail polish comes and goes. Now that I have various Cutex products to use, I am more willing to wear nail polish more often!

Beauty Brite Cutex Twister

After using Cutex Twister to remove nail polish topped with glitter, I was amazed at how quickly it worked! Cutex offers two options to remove polish: sponge and brushes. I found that the sponge removed the glitter and polish super quick compared to the brushes.

I cannot wait to polish my nails more, just so I can use my nail polish removers when I need them.

I like that Cutex offers a variety of products to remove nail polish.  I prefer to have options and with Cutex, I can choose to use a liquid nail polish remover, pads or the sponge and brushes!

When I think of nail polish remover, I always think of Cutex.  I like keeping a nice stock of products on hand as it allows me to be creative with my nails and I can remove the polish when I want!

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