My New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

Hello 2011! I hope everyone had a relaxing Christmas vacation and a safe New Years!  My husband and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on New Year’s Day!  Today happens to be our son’s 5th birthday!  When I woke up our son for school, I kept tell him “Happy Birthday” and telling him he’s 5 years old today!  I still can’t believe he’s 5!  Our son has autism, so I don’t think he quite understands, but he does listen and he smiled like crazy this morning!

I have been thinking about my New Year’s resolutions and I only have a few that I want to focus on. I have never been one to make New Year’s resolutions in the past because I didn’t want to be another person to break my own.

I already workout several times a week.  I have been doing pilates since 2003 or so.  I started Turbo Jam over a year and a half ago.  I want take my workouts to the next level and eventually start Turbo Fire!  I would also love to workout with the Wii or the Xbox Kinnect, except we don’t either the game system.  From what I see on the commercials, both systems offer workouts that look really motivating, fun, and different.  For now, I am working out with the tools that I already have.  When things change financially for us, I hope to make some changes to my workouts.

Eat Healthier
I have been a vegetarian for over 13 ½  years.  I already try to eat healthy, so I want to continue this.  My husband makes it difficult, especially when he does the grocery shopping on an empty stomach and buys pies, ice cream, whip cream, and cookies.  With this, I have to bring on the will power and avoid these foods or eat them sparingly.  I want to choose healthier choices of food whenever it is offered.

Find a job
While I love being a stay at home wife and mom, I would love to go back to school so that I can get a job.  I am currently looking into the possibility of doing so.  The local community college has 9 quick courses that take 6 months or less to complete.  In the meantime, I am applying for any jobs that appeal to me.  This economy doesn’t make job hunting very easy.

I just want to continue to have fun with this blog!  I love entering and offering giveaways.  I am always looking for new products to review.  I hope to make new blogging friends with this blog!  Bring it on!

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