My new fitness machine

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My new fitness machine

I am so excited! I treated myself to an apartment friendly size piece of fitness equipment. When I bought my treadmill, I really wanted an elliptical machine. However, I knew they are pretty big and we were unsure if it would be safe to have around our son.

I decided to get a compact size elliptical strider! I wanted something to use while I am enjoying the evening and watching television. Since it needed to be assembled, I waited for my husband to put it together. I did unpack it and set it up to where everything was ready to be put together. My husband put it together for me and I started using it that next day!

When I was shopping for an elliptical, about 5 other products came up in the search.
I read the comments and descriptions of all of them. I settled on the Stamina InMotion Compact Strider because it is the new model for 2015 per the company!

I love that the size is compact and it is low impact. I can easily use it while watching my favorite show or just want to get my heart pumping. I wish I had know about this when I bought my treadmill!

Based on the product reviews, people use this at their office job. They set it up under their desk and just stride while getting their work done!

I love using this in my own home. We are homebodies and I really don’t like the idea of going to a gym. I find it more affordable to workout at home! Plus, I don’t have to worry about childcare for my son.

I love my elliptical strider! It doesn’t take up too much space. I can easily set it up anywhere I want to exercise.

I am looking forward to using my elliptical as often as I can. It will be a fabulous way to reduce stress! When I get overwhelmed, I find exercise is a great way to clear my mind.

I still don’t have a fancy fitness tracker, so I use the tracker app on my phone. My elliptical also tracks steps, distance, time, and calories burned.


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